Dream Maker Spa X-400 Review

Dream Maker Spa X-400 Review

Dream Maker are pretty well renowned in the spa industry for producing reliable hot tubs with low operating costs. The Dream Maker Spa X-400 is a compact, 4 person roto moulded spa which comes in a neutral sand stone color.

Those in the market for a portable, durable hot tub that can withstand all weather conditions should take this model into consideration.

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Features of the Dream Maker Spa X-400

  • 110v operation
  • 4-person bucket seating
  • 11 hydrotherapy jets
  • 235 gallons capacity
  • 1.5-horsepower pump
  • LED backlit waterfall

110 Volt Operation

The Dream Maker Spa X-400 runs from a regular 110-volt 15-amp power outlet, giving you the convenience of plug & play operation as well as the cost savings of not requiring additional electrical work to get it running.

One-piece Design

As the X-400 is a rotationally moulded hot tub, it has been constructed in one piece which provides several advantages. It makes the hot tub much easier to move for portability plus it means there are no exterior parts which can wear away over time such as wood panelling.

The use of full foam insulation reduces the loss of heat which contributes a lot to the low running costs of this spa.

Four-Person Capacity

Up to four adults can relax in the X-400 in the large bucket seats. The seats feature lumbar support and arm rests so you can relax your back and arms for a deeply rejuvenating experience.

11 Waterway Jets

A 1.5 horsepower AquaFlow pump powers the 11 Waterway hydrotherapy jets. These jets are self-controlled so you can adjust the direction and water flow to your preference.


The patented waterfall feature uses an LED backlight and provides 9 different light settings to create a wonderful ambience in the spa at night with a color changing waterfall.

Cup Holders

Four deep cup holders are located top-side to give you a handy place to put your drinks. This is a small feature often overlooked on many spas so we’re pleased to see Dream Maker included them.

Pros and Cons of the Dream Maker Spa X-400


Exceptionally durable, easy plug & play setup, energy efficient heating system, low maintenance. The Dream Maker Spa X-400 has what it takes to make the dreams come true of those wanting an affordable plug & play spa that is energy efficient and built to last.


Due to the friction heating system used, it takes longer to heat-up the water to a suitable temperature level than hot tubs with electric heaters. Although using warm water to fill the spa and placing the cover on decreases the heating time significantly.

Final Thoughts

From a cost efficiency and convenience perspective in particularly, the Dream Maker Spa X-400 is an outstanding choice for a portable spa. Its one-piece design and 110v operation give you the freedom to move it to almost any location. Hot Tubs Reviews rates the X-400 as a good buy.

Spa Hot Tub 6 Person 28 Jets 2 HP Pump 1 Lounger DuraSport G-2 Spa Review

DuraSport G-2 Spa Review

Durasport have carved out quite a name for themselves in the hot tub industry with their range of spas which prioritize convenience, efficiency and reliability without being overpriced. The DuraSport G-2 Spa is a rotationally moulded spa which is available in two models, either standard or premium.
The premium model differs by including a Water Fall, stainless steel jets, 4 HP pump plus better lighting. We’re reviewing the standard model here which comes with a 6 seat capacity and 2 HP pump.

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Features of the DuraSport G-2 Spa

  • Roto Molded in the US
  • 6 seat capacity
  • 2-horsepower pump; 28 jets
  • 120/240V voltage compatibility
  • Insulted thick top cover
  • Matching steps
  • Lifetime warranty on shell; 1-year warranty on parts
Traditional Design

The G-2 spa has a traditional design which makes it stand out from regular modern spas. The cobblestone interior looks fantastic and is well complimented by the eight millstone colored removable side panels.

Plug & Play

DuraSport prides them self on the easy 3-step installation which their spas provide. No inconvenience or extra cost of hiring expensive electrical contractors. Once you get your G-2 spa, you just place it on an even surface, fill it with water then plug it in to either an 110v exterior power outlet or a 240v outlet using an optional conversion. We recommend connecting it to either a 220v or 240v outlet as the heat-up time is significantly quicker than using 110v.

Unibody Construction

The DuraSport G-2 Spa has been manufactured using a unique unibody construction, which essentially means the spa is comprised of a one-piece unit instead of the regular way of building the body on the frame. This robust construction provides a highly durable structure which makes the spa able to withstand heavy wear and tear without becoming damaged. The spa shell is backed by a US lifetime warranty, the first of its kind in the industry so you can rest assured that the shell will last you a lifetime.


The G-2 Spa can seat up to six regular sized adults although it would be very cramped with this many people so we recommend no more than four adults at the maximum. A good variety of seating positions are available in the spa. One large lounger seat and a captain’s chair are included, giving you a high level of comfort to relax your body in various positions.

28 Jets

A 2.0-horsepower pump powers the 28 black jets in the G-2 Spa. The two top-side air controls allow you to regulate the amount of air mixed with the jets pressure so you can decide how invigorating you want the air pressure to be.

Includes matching Steps and Soft Cover

Most hot tubs require you to purchase steps additionally if you want them, but the DuraSport G-2 Spa includes them as standard, which is a nice bonus. Getting in and out of the spa will be that much easier with steps. The steps also include interior storage which is very handy for storing any spa gear you have such as cleaning chemicals.

The included top cover is good quality and very flexible so it can be folded over easily when you’re ready to use the spa. It also features safety locking clips so it will remain securely attached to the spa even in adverse weather such as heavy winds.

Pros and Cons of the DuraSport G-2 Spa


Highly durable, attractive styling, plug & play, underwater lighting, good seating options, the DuraSport G-2 Spa is a hot tub which is built for heavy-duty use all year round.

The lifetime warranty on the shell gives us the confidence that DuraSport stand by their products.


The manufactures stated capacity of six adults isn’t advisable if you want enough room to relax in the tub.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is an excellent US made hot tub which has had a lot of thought put into its design. Features such as the unibond construction are worth taking note of if you want a spa which will last a long time. If you want a flexible, durable hot tub for no more than 4 adults then the DuraSport G-2 Spa is a stellar choice.

Aura A529ICE 5-Seat 29-Jet Hot Tub Review

Aura A529ICE 5-Seat 29-Jet Hot Tub Review

Hot Tubs Reviews now gives the Aura A529ICE 5-Seat 29-Jet Hot Tub the once over. This is an attractive large 4 seater hot tub finished in a nice looking ice brown color. As this is an Aura hot tub, its plug and play so no costly installations are required before you can begin enjoying it. Other benefits include its energy efficient components which are designed to keep running costs down.

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Features of the Aura A529ICE 5-Seat 29-Jet Hot Tub

  • Easy set up
  • 4 seats plus lounge
  • 265 gallons capacity
  • 29 therapy jets
  • Cover included

Plug and Play

A feature we never overlook is plug and play installation. Normally a feature which is found on smaller sized hot tubs, all of Aura hot tubs feature this so setup is somewhat less stressful and costly. Place the hot tub in your preferred location on a solid level surface, fill it up with water then plug it into a regular outdoor power outlet and then put on the cover and wait a good 24 hours for it to reach its preset temperature of 100° F.  You will also need to add either a chlorine or bromine sanitizer as the final step. The setup process really is that easy.


The Aura A529ICE has a five person capacity with its 4 seats and relaxing lounge. The interior of the tub is moulded to a high standard so the hot tub is comfortable to sit in. Three of the seats feature a comfortable headrest so you can lie back and rejuvenate in comfort. While the maximum seating capacity is 5 persons, we recommend 4 people maximum to give everyone ample space for ultimate luxury.

29 Therapy Jets

A total of 29 therapy jets are located around the seating areas of this hot tub so you get maximum therapeutic effects whilst sitting. The jets are zone-controlled so you can alter the jets water flow for each individual person in the tub just by turning the jet face in another direction.

Control Panel

The Aura hot tub control panel gives you easy and convenient control over the therapeutic jets, temperature and the LED lighting.

Ozone Ready

An ozonator isn't included with this hot tub, but it is ozone ready so you can purchase one separately. We'd recommend the use of an ozonator because it reduces the amount of chemicals that you need to put into the hot tub to keep the water free of contaminants.

Pros and Cons of the Aura A529ICE 5-Seat 29-Jet Hot Tub


Plug and plug installation, a whopping 265 gallons capacity, high quality therapy jets, this Aura hot tub delivers a spa experience which most plug and play hot tubs can’t deliver.

A good quality durable cover is included to maintain the temperature and keep out dirt and debris.


The only drawback of this hot tub is that an ozonator is not included. However, it does have ozone compatibility so you can have the benefits of an ozonator for more hands free and cost effective water maintenance.

Final Thoughts

We’re fond of Aura hot tubs as they combine the convenience of plug and play setup with attractive styling and good features. If you need a roomy 4 seater hot tub which has excellent therapeutic jet action, the Aura A529ICE is a fine choice.

AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa Review

AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa Review

The AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa is a unique looking inflatable spa designed for two people. The oval shaped design and portability makes it ideal for areas where limited space is available. Using revolutionary Air frame technology, the AiriSpa uses a new kind of vinyl layering which sets it apart from regular inflatable spas, so we’re pretty intrigued as to what it has to offer.

Hot Tubs Reviews takes a closer look at the AiriSpa and reveals whether it’s worth going for.

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Features of the AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa

  • Easy assembly
  • 190 gallons capacity
  • 1000-watt heater;  127 micro-air jets
  • Self-contained pump + filter system
  • Plugs into regular 120v outlet
  • Includes insular cover
  • 1-year warranty
Size and Color choices

The AiriSpa is available in three different shapes (Oval, Octagon and Round) and four different colors (Forest Green, Blue, Black and Burgandy). The model under review here is in Forest Green and oval shaped, which is designed to seat up to 2 people.


Being a portable spa weighing just 86 pounds, the AiriSpa provides you the flexibility of being able to set it up and disassemble it when needed, so you can move it from location to location. Setting up the spa takes about half an hour. Just unfold the spa vessel and inflate it using the included hand pump, then allow another half an hour to fill the spa with water and put the thermal cover on then finally wait 24 hours for it to reach its maximum temperature of 104*F. A 10 ft long GFCI protected cord is included so you have a reasonable amount of leeway as to how far to position the spa away from the power outlet.

Air Frame Technology

The AiriSpa gets the credence of being the first spa worldwide to use the revolutionary Air frame technology. Between the spas layers of vinyl, over 1 million polyester fibers have been crammed in which results in a highly durable body to enhance the spas long-term durability.

127 Micro Air Jets

A 1.3 horsepower pump powers the 127 micro air jets which are situated around the spa. As this is a portable spa, the jets cannot be adjusted, but they do provide a relaxing therapeutic feeling which is great for reliving tired muscles.

Self-contained Design

The pump and filter system are self contained in the AiriSpa’s main power pack so you don’t have the hassle or cost of installing any separate components.


Sitting in a portable spa has never been as comfortable as sitting in an AiriSpa. Hydroseating is built-in, which consists of two seats that are filled up with water to give you a level of comfort which is superior to sitting on a hard surface.

Pros and Cons of the AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa


Easy setup, portable, highly durable, comfortable, the AiriSpa brings comfort, convenience and durability to the world of portable spas. The Airframe technology is a big plus where durability is concerned.

Good range of shape and color choices.


The jets are not adjustable so for those looking for a fully customizable spa experience, this spa isn’t for them.

Final Thoughts

The AiriSpa Oval Portable Air Frame Spa takes portable spas into new territory with its Airframe technology, which makes it a good choice for those looking for a portable spa they can use for years to come. With a nice number of jets and a powerful pump, this spa delivers a good level of jet action. We give the AiriSpa a strong recommendation.

Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa Review

Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa Review

Next in our line-up of plug and play hot tubs is the Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa. For under a grand, the Spa-N-A-Box gives you the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub without requiring pricey installations.

If you have a small living space or you just want the freedom to move your spa from one location to another then the Spa-N-A-Box could be the right choice for you. Find out in this review how this spa fairs under closer scrutiny.

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Features of the Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa

  • Easy to set-up, without tools
  • 4-5 person capacity
  • 1000-watt heater
  • 1-horsepower turbo wave massage system
  • Thermostatically controlled internal heater

Quick and Easy Setup

The Spa-N-A-Box has been designed to be easy to setup in around 15-20 minutes and doesn’t require any tools to do so. If you’re going to be moving your spa around a lot then this convenience aspect is particularly beneficial.

Seating Capacity

The dimensions of this spa are 27" x 73.5" x 27" (H x W x D) so it’s pretty roomy. The manufactures state the spa can accommodate up to 5 people, however we’d recommend only 4 people at the max to give each person adequate room to relax in the water.

Turbo-wave Massage System

The turbo wave massage system is powered by a 1-horsepower pump and has over 100 micro air jets, giving you hydrotherapeutic benefits to relax and ease your muscles. If you have a lifestyle which involves a lot of physical activity then you’ll especially appreciate the soothing effects of this massage system.

Top-side Digital Temperature Controls

You can conveniently change the temperature of the spa to your preference using the user-friendly controls located top-side on the pump system. The temperature can be set from 80 degrees up to a maximum of 104 degrees, so you can choose a temperature setting comfortable for you.

Pros and Cons of the Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa


Easy to setup, cheap, spacious and convenient, the Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa has cost and convenience at the forefront of its strong points. This spa also has an attractive design with the side panels having an appearance similar to natural redwood.


Numerous consumers have encountered the pump’s heating element breaking down within 1 year. Furthermore, the pump cannot be sent to the manufactures to be replaced, so you have no option but to buy a new pumping system which costs in the region of $250-300.

Final Thoughts

If a regular hot tub is out of the question due to either your budget or living situation then the Spa-N-A-Box 6' Portable Spa could be right for you. However, the durability of the pump is a cause for concern especially as the entire pumping system needs replacing once the heating element fails. We’d only recommend this spa if portability is a must or you only need use of a spa in the short term before moving onto something bigger and better.

Laguna Bay Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub with 110V GFCI Plug Review

Laguna Bay Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub Review

If you’ve been endlessly scouring the market for a spacious hot tub that can run from a regular 110v electrical outlet, then your search will be about to stop. The Laguna Bay Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub, also known as the Seascape, offers you the chance to experience the benefits of a sizeable hot tub without paying extra for costly electrical work.

Reviews on this hot tub started to surface nearly two years ago and have been positive on the most part with much praise given towards its value for money.

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Features of the Laguna Bay Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub

  • 6-person capacity; Mahogany colored cabinet
  • User-friendly digital controls
  • 19 hydrotherapeutic jets
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Lounger seat, including comfort cushioned headrest

The Seascape has an output of 110-volt/20 amp, so you can plug it into a standard power outlet. Setting up the spa can be a bit of a chore because you need to remove the side panel to get access to the power cord and instructions, which are on a CD. The panel uses a tongue and groove style of panelling, so it can be awkward to put the panel back in place, but fortunately there is a technique to make this much easier. By placing two wooden blocks under the panel, you can replace the panel yourself in under 5 minutes. This demonstration video shows the panel removing process in action.


We recommend that you use a power drill to remove the panel screws to avoid them being damaged by a manual screwdriver.
The power cord included is rather short, so you might need an extension cord if you don’t have an outlet nearby. We recommend you use a 12-gauge heavy-duty extension lead so it can handle the load without overheating.

After you have connected the hot tub to the power outlet, setup is plain sailing from then on. The next step required is to fill the spa to the required level and then wait for it to heat up.

Mahogany Cabinet

The spa comes with a mahogany cabinet, which give the Seascape an attractive, sleek look of a higher end spa. The included spa cover matches the mahogany cabinet, which enhances the overall look of the spa.

Seating Capacity

This hot tub is marketed as having a 5 person capacity, however most consumers recommend only 3 average-sized adults using it at once, for optimum comfort. The lounger seat with its cushioned head rest is nice and relaxing and is long enough to accommodate taller people above 6ft. There are also two seating benches in the tub where you can seat in an upright position.

19 Jets

There are 19 hydrotherapeutic stainless steel jets situated throughout the tub, which are powered by a 1.5 horsepower pump. In terms of power, the jets performance is rather average due to the limitations of the one-speed 1.5 HP pump, but they are still soothing enough to relax tense body muscles.

Energy Efficiency

The Seascape has numerous energy saving design aspects which make it good for saving money as well as helping the environment. The high-density foam insulation helps the spa maintain its water temperature for longer so minimal heat is passed outside. Also, the pump is designed to consume low energy even when operating at its optimum capacity.

Final Thoughts

The Laguna Bay Spas 5-Person 19-Jet Hot Tub is a good quality basic, small hot tub that is ideal for 3 people. Setup is a little finicky, but the technique with using wood blocks under the panel makes it much easier to place the panel back into position.

We recommend the Seascape to those who want a hot tub which has a good balance of size and features, but doesn’t require a 220v electrical outlet.

Home and Garden Spas 7-Person 104-Jet Hot Tub with MP3 Auxiliary Output Review

Home and Garden Spas 7-Person 104-Jet Hot Tub Review

Now under review is the Home and Garden Spas 7-Person 104-Jet Hot Tub. This seven person hot tub is from Home and Garden Spas mid-range line of hot tubs, so it has an impressive number of jets and a large water capacity as well as their standard flagship features.

What we really like about Home and Garden Spas are their low energy consumption due to their energy efficient design. Those looking for a large hot tub which is powerful yet cost efficient should consider this model.

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Features of the Home and Garden Spas 7-Person 104-Jet Hot Tub

  • 7 Person seating capacity
  • 104 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 450-gallon capacity
  • Underwater LED lighting with 9 colors
  • Built-in Ozone System
  • Top side controls
  • MP3 Auxiliary input with two Speakers and Sub woofer

Spacious and Roomy

This is a very spacious hot tub with length and width dimensions of 92 inches, so you can fit up to 7 people in the tub at once, making it ideal for large groups or hosting hot tub parties with your friends or neighbours.

The acrylic surface of the tub is slip-resistant, so you can be confident getting in and out of the hot tub without slipping and potentially getting injured.

104 Jets

104 interchangeable, stainless steel jets are powered by a 6 HP pump so they deliver a powerful and therapeutic jet action. The jets are broken down into four different types (neck, calf, shoulder and foot) so the jets target the most important areas of your body to relax you and relieve tension.

Energy Efficient

The synthetic cabinetry system has been designed to retain heat well and the hot tub shell features high-density foam insulation, thus providing excellent insulation to keep energy bills down to a minimum.

The 2-speed pump allows you to put the hot tub into low-energy power mode while it is not being used by anyone, which is a further energy saving benefit.

Ozone System

Keeping your hot tub water clean is essential for hygiene purposes. This hot tub includes an ozonator which has been factory installed, thereby reducing the need for using lots of chemicals to take care of water maintenance.

Built-in Speakers and Sub Woofer

Chilling out in your hot tub on those long summer nights wouldn’t be the same without music to enjoy. The MP3 input allows you to connect a portable music device so you can play back your music through the two built-in speakers and sub woofer.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting feature gives you 9 color choices so there is plenty of choice to personalize your spa experience. The lighting looks particularly impressive at night, which is when you’ll make full use of it to transform the atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

The Home and Garden Spas 7-Person 104-Jet Hot Tub is a great hot tub for those who need plenty of room to fit lots of people. This is a well engineered hot tub with plenty of enticing features as well as energy saving benefits.

Bear in mind that you will need a 220v/50 amp dedicated circuit to install it, as well as a solid, even surface such as concrete to place it on.

Amazon are currently offering free curb side delivery for this hot tub, so you don’t have the hassle or inconvenience in having to unload the spa yourself from the truck.